Nature in the city

Living in nature would be ideal, yet it was not possible due to work and activities. That's why the young family after six years in a duplex apartment decided to change the interior to suit their desire for nature.


    The entire interior is approached in a modern style using the most natural materials and neutral colors. Built-in custom-made furniture in a gray matt adds a modern, technical touch to the marble mosaic and wood.


    The wall is decorated by ceramic plates with hand-drawn herbs according to old herbals. The table is decorated with a tailor-made linen.


    Even in the city you can see the flaming fire in the fireplace. The bare bricks behind look very impressive.


    The living room is the dominant of the duplex apartment. is connected with the kitchen by the cabinet with the built-in wine cellar and the fire wood container. The staircase with the glass wall leads to the second floor.


    The interior of the bedroom is very elegant. The beige paint, which lightly shines in the daylight, is used on the ceiling and the walls. A chest of drawers fills up the room beneath the bevelled ceiling.


    Ceramic artefacts were brought from Italy. Harmonically, they are complemented by the cut vases from the Moser workshop, which look decorative even without flowers.


    The bedside table has plenty of storage space and therefore its top can be decorated by a cut vase of Moser with flowers.


    The whole space is very delicate and harmonious. The bed is custom made, pillows are made of velvet.

  • TEE-NY

    There is a daughter's room on the upper floor. Sleeping part and studying space is separated by a double-sided library and a stylish curtain. White custom made furniture combined with wood give the modern feeling.

  • NY

    A teenage girl likes to travel and discover the world. That's why the wall is decorated with New York scenery wallpaper and an Eiffel Tower model stands on the floor.